Sheridan County Airport sits at the foot of the Big Horn Mountains, complete with astounding mountain views. Conceived in 1919, Aviation Field, as Sheridan County Airport was known, provided a runway for the first airplane, a wood and canvas “Jenny”. This aircraft was owned by local physician, Dr. Harry Buffum, in order to access his rural patients, access that a 1920’s automobile could not provide. This grass field runway was also utilized by “Barnstormers” that traveled and entertained residents with aerial acrobatics on their route across country. In the early days, airmail was sporadic and lead to the development of the Municipal Air Field that was established in the 1930’s. After that, changes to the airport occurred quickly. Air service was established in this decade with two and four passenger flights from Casper, Wyoming and Great Falls, Montana.

Sheridan now has a small, modern airport and provides daily air service for its residents. It has grown considerably offering a modern facility, terminal and sporting the newest runway in the state. With more than 1,550 acres and the new 8,300 ft. runway, 14/32, that became fully operational in 1995, Sheridan County Airport can boast of the largest private aircraft traffic of any airport in the State of Wyoming. There are several other public and private structures located on airport property including hangars, avionics shop, aircraft storage hangar, air cargo building and 48 T-hangar structures. All hangars are owned by Sheridan County Airport and are fully occupied. Today, operators such as UPS, FedEx and other national companies have chosen Sheridan County Airport as the primary site for their business operations. Sheridan’s latest commercial park with airfield access is underway with the beginning of business construction slated for 2006. The airport is administered by an airport manager, an employee of Sheridan County.