Master Plan

Sheridan County Airport Map showing area of service

Sheridan County Airport Master Plan

Sheridan County Airport sits on the eastern edge of the Bighorn Mountains in an area boasting of scenic natural beauty, historic charm, and year-round outdoor activities. The Airport offers daily commercial air service, and has provided critical airport services to Sheridan County and the surrounding area for decades. The Airport serves commercial passenger, general aviation, and military aircraft. Its location within the region is illustrated in the map above or in the attached map.

In addition to passenger service, the Airport provides important support for local-, regional- and national-level business and transportation interests, including air cargo services. There is also a successful business park on airport property. According to the 2009 Wyoming Statewide Airport Economic Impact Study prepared for the Wyoming Department of Transportation, Sheridan County Airport had a total economic output of $48,596,300. On-airport and visitor-related activities produced 122 direct jobs, 69 indirect jobs, and 146 induced jobs for a total of 337 jobs.

Sheridan County Airport is publicly owned by Sheridan County. The Sheridan County Board of Commissioners is responsible for policy and development decisions for the Airport. The Airport Manager oversees day-to-day operations and administration of the facility. The Airport encompasses 1,559 acres and is 4,021 feet Above Mean Sea Level (AMSL).

While the 2015 Sheridan County Airport Master Plan is focused on the total aviation facility and its environs, specific emphasis has been placed on the terminal area as well as the terminal building itself. The overall planning goal is the development of an aviation facility that can accommodate future demand, safely and efficiently, and that it is not significantly constrained by its environs. Documented are three basic elements that are involved with existing and future development of Sheridan County Airport:  the airport facilities (runways, taxiways, aircraft parking aprons, hangars, maintenance facilities, ground access, etc.); the relationship to the airport/airspace system; and, the airport environs (zoning and land use).

The recently completed Master Plan is available for viewing at the Sheridan County Airport Office located at 908 West Brundage Lane, Sheridan, WY 82801.